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At Primo Landscape Design, every project we undertake is a journey towards magnifying beauty and enhancing functionality. Our most recent assignment provided an ideal opportunity to showcase our capabilities in seamlessly combining aesthetic charm with practical solutions. We’re thrilled to guide you through this transformative journey, underlined by before and after snapshots that bear testimony to our craft.

The Challenge:
The homeowner’s existing backyard setup posed several challenges. The placement of the pool equipment obstructed easy access to the garage, and it was visually and audibly intrusive in the area. The existing wall, along with the row of arborvitae, was taking up valuable yard space, making the space seem cramped.

Our Solution:

  1. Retaining Wall Installation: The old wall was demolished, making way for our new installation. We chose Cambridge wall block, renowned for its durability and aesthetic appeal. But what truly sets this wall apart is the bluestone cap. This addition not only enhances the structural integrity but also lends a touch of elegance to the wall.
  2. Strategic Relocation: Relocating the pool equipment was a pivotal aspect of this redesign. By moving it, we achieved a dual purpose – we opened up better access to the garage and ensured that the equipment didn’t dominate the landscape’s ambiance.
  3. Natural Screens: To conceal the relocated pool equipment, we planted a screen of schip laurels. This evergreen shrub not only serves as a functional screen but also adds a touch of greenery, further integrating the pool equipment into the garden’s backdrop.
  4. Planting for Beauty and Function: Recognizing the homeowner’s desire for more yard space, the existing arborvitae were removed. In their place, we planted a fresh arborvitae hedge that provided both privacy and aesthetics. As a finishing touch, hydrangeas were added. With their lush blooms, these plants are sure to be the highlight of the garden during their flowering season.

The Result:
The transformed space now stands as a harmonious blend of functionality and beauty. The changes we introduced not only enhanced the visual appeal of the garden but also made it more user-friendly and spacious.

Visual Journey:
Words can only do so much justice. We invite you to scroll through the before and after pictures below to truly grasp the depth of this transformation.

Before Photos

backyard before 1
backyard before 2
backyard before 3
backyard before 4

After Photos

backyard retaining wall design
backyard retaining wall design
backyard retaining wall design

At Primo Landscape Design, our aim is to create spaces where aesthetics meet purpose. This project is a testament to that commitment. If our work has sparked ideas for your own space, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re here to help bring your landscaping dreams to life.

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