Commercial Landscaping in Rockland & Bergen

Commercial Property Maintenance

Beautiful green spaces are vital for the longevity and profitability of commercial sites, reflecting on the business in many ways. If the site is a disorganized and messy, why would the business that owns it be any different?

Primo Landscape Design is here for all your commercial landscaping needs. Our services include landscape design from an experienced, knowledgeable and fully-trained commercial landscape designer and offer coverage of all associated services.

For commercial landscaping in Rockland County and Bergen County, NY, Primo Landscape provides unequalled quality.  Well maintained gardens and green spaces on commercial sites attract visitors and help to create a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere.


Commercial Lawn Care Services

Primo Landscape commercial lawn care services improve the appearance and feel of the lawn in your green area, lending a natural ambiance for your commercial site. We can care for your lawn in a number of ways, including mowing, aerating, and re-defining the lawn and surrounding flower beds. We install fresh sod and can implement grass seed spray techniques like hydroseeding. While other landscape companies may skimp on their lawn care service, we aim to improve the Boston landscape and provide the absolute best service for all of our clients regardless of the job in hand.

Call us now to see how we can provide all your necessary lawn care services 845-353-6544.  Or fill out the contact form and start a conversation!

world trade center landscaping sod and lawn


For years, we have been proud to work with commercial clients from both Rockland & Bergen County. Primo Landscape Design L.L.C is committed to creating and maintaining the property that you are proud to show off to clients and customers.  We are now a multi-generational landscaping company, featuring a father and son team working hard to beautify their community and to grow their business.  Please reach out to learn more about landscaping.

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