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Primo Landscape Design has years of experience in deer fence installation.  We are official installers of Benner Deer Fence in Rockland County, NY and Bergen County, NJ.  Protect your garden and landscape today.

Do I really need a deer fence?

If you notice deer in and around your property and have frequent damage to your plants– you are a good candidate for a deer fence. Over the years, if deer continue to damage your landscape it becomes harder and harder for your plants to regenerate themselves. Deer scat and ticks can also be a health issue including lyme disease, especially in over populated areas.

How high does my deer fence need to be?

Deer are quite athletic and may be able to clear up to 10 feet of height if pushed to do so. To get into your yard they will never jump that high. Deer will always try to go through or under your fence if they are trying to get access to your landscape. We have been very successful over the last few years with a fence height of 7 feet. This type of fence makes it very difficult for the deer to gauge just how high it really is, because of this the deer tend to never try and jump into the enclosed area.

Can I fence the property perimeter without closing off the driveway?

You can, but eventually the deer will find the opening in your driveway. The best solution is some type of driveway gate system, especially in snowy areas.


How visible is this type of deer fence?

Not very much. The fence blends into the surroundings from as close as 20 feet.

What type of maintenance does the fence require?

Not much at all. After the first year, you can  tighten the areas of the fence line with the double bond, cut and re-attach method or end wrap technique. If a tree should fall on the fence and damage it beyond repair, that section would need to be replaced. We always recommend having some extra supplies on hand– especially an extra post, top cable and fence. During rut season, if a male deer should get caught up in the fence and tear it, that section should be repaired or doubled up with new fence.

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