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Welcome back to our website, where we love sharing our journey of transforming landscapes into idyllic outdoor spaces! Today, we’re highlighting a remarkable makeover we recently completed in Upper Nyack, New York, where a cluttered and underused backyard blossomed into a serene, multi-functional space.

The backyard in question had untapped potential underneath overgrown shrubs and a sea of weeds. It posed a significant challenge with its unlevel ground and unused spaces. Our team at Primo Landscape Design took to the challenge with enthusiasm, and the results speak for themselves.

Key Transformations:

  1. Strategic Grading: Our first step was to strategically grade the backyard to carve out two level areas, enhancing the usability of the space. This allows the homeowner to maximize their outdoor area for various activities, be it entertaining guests, setting up recreational zones, or simply enjoying some quiet time in nature.
  2. A Fresh Palette: We replaced the overgrown shrubs and weeds with a lush and strategic Juniper Hedgerow, elevating the aesthetic while ensuring much-needed privacy. Junipers, with their dense and evergreen foliage, act as a natural barrier, providing a secluded space for the homeowners to relish their outdoors freely.
  3. Landscaping between Tiers: The creation of two level areas allowed us to introduce tiered landscaping. The space between the levels was thoughtfully landscaped, seamlessly marrying the two zones. The landscaped tiers not only enhance visual appeal but also aid in controlling erosion, managing water runoff, and providing additional planting opportunities.

Seeing is Believing: The transformation is indeed awe-inspiring, but don’t take just our word for it! We invite you to explore the transformative journey through our lens with the attached before and after pictures.

This project was a delightful challenge and an example of how well-planned landscaping can revitalize a space, making it more aesthetic, functional, and enjoyable. Every outdoor space, regardless of its initial state, holds the potential to be something beautiful and practical. It merely requires a thoughtful design and expert hands to bring it to life.

Before Photos

elevating outdoor living before 2
elevating outdoor living before 1
elevating outdoor living during 1
elevating outdoor living during 3

After Photos

Elevating Outdoor Living
elevating outdoor living after 1
Elevating Outdoor Living

Have a space that needs a Primo touch? Feel free to get in touch with us. At Primo Landscape Design, your outdoor dreams become our blueprint.

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