Whatever your tastes and lifestyle, we can design a landscape style to suit you.  Be it English Garden Style, Oriental Landscape, Woodland Landscape, Formal Landscape, Informal Landscape or any other style, Primo has you covered.

Surrounding your home with a well-appointed landscape design adds significant value to your property and provides enjoyment year-round. A gracious entry welcomes visitors, and beautiful outdoor living spaces maximize your enjoyment of your property. A landscape that is consistent with the design and function of your house and suits your lifestyle can be achieved with thoughtful planning of your entire property.

Our approach to design is what sets us apart. We provide a simplified and cohesive experience that guarantees total design integrity and total client satisfaction. We strive to not only create a space that fulfills your request, but goes beyond what you expect.



Call us for a consultation to discuss your landscape project.  We will happily answer any questions and address concerns. Our design process is seamless from conception to completion:


The right landscape design begins with ideas and planning. Vinnie will work with your preferences and budget to come up with a look that showcases your property. Vinnie believes that every yard has limitless opportunities to create something that you will love.


No landscaping project is out of our reach. From large walkways and patios to commercial tree lawns or backyard sanctuaries, we can install anything when it comes to landscaping. Primo Landscape Design L.L.C will work to give each property a distinctive look.


Your yard is something to be proud of and something to enjoy. We provide all the lawn care services needed to keep your yard healthy and blooming all year round. From fertilizers and mulching to tree trimming and sprinkler maintenance, we know exactly what to do and when it needs to be done.

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