Create the outdoor kitchen of your dreams!

It’s summertime and everyone is outside enjoying the sun and each other’s company. However, you got stuck inside preparing all the food all alone. The oven and suns heat combined is putting a strain on your air conditioner and your house is no longer at a comfortable temperature. Don’t you wish you could be outside with them, while achieving all of your chef duties and saving energy at the same time? Well then you might want to consider getting an outdoor kitchen. An outdoor kitchen allows you to cook complete meals that you wouldn’t be able to get done on just a grill while simultaneously helping you save on your electricity bill. An outdoor kitchen is the best place to entertain all of your guests and make those memories that we both deem so important. No longer will you have to make multiple trips in and out of the house, letting all the crisp air conditioned air out, or cooking and cleaning up inside while everyone else is enjoying themselves. You deserve an outdoor kitchen.

Primo Landscape Design L.L.C works closely with landscape architects and has the staff that will help you build an outdoor kitchen with all of the appliances that you need so there will be no  need to run back inside anymore!

Outdoor Kitchen Construction


Call us for a consultation to discuss your landscape project.  We will happily answer any questions and address concerns. Our design process is seamless from conception to completion:


The right landscape design begins with ideas and planning. Vinnie will work with your preferences and budget to come up with a look that showcases your property. Vinnie believes that every yard has limitless opportunities to create something that you will love.


No landscaping project is out of our reach. From large walkways and patios to commercial tree lawns or backyard sanctuaries, we can install anything when it comes to landscaping. Primo Landscape Design L.L.C will work to give each property a distinctive look.


Your yard is something to be proud of and something to enjoy. We provide all the lawn care services needed to keep your yard healthy and blooming all year round. From fertilizers and mulching to tree trimming and sprinkler maintenance, we know exactly what to do and when it needs to be done.

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