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Every home is unique and deserves an outdoor space that reflects this. At Primo Landscape Design, we specialize in turning ordinary backyards into extraordinary outdoor living spaces. We’ve just completed a fantastic project in Stony Point, NY that showcases our creativity, skill, and dedication to customer satisfaction.

A Paver Patio Like No Other

We’re excited to share about the magnificent paver patio we’ve built, custom-designed to enhance the home’s outdoor area and provide a more enjoyable and functional space. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, the patio has been laid using high-quality pavers, ensuring durability and longevity.

The beautiful design not only complements the existing architecture but also creates an elegant outdoor space perfect for relaxation and entertainment. This patio will undoubtedly be the heart of many get-togethers, from casual barbecues to sophisticated evening parties.

Adding Warmth with a Fire-Pit

As part of this transformation, we added a stunning fire-pit. Nestled amidst the expanse of the paver patio, this fire-pit creates a warm and welcoming ambiance. It serves as an ideal spot for roasting marshmallows, sharing stories, or simply soaking up the warmth on cool evenings.

This fire-pit isn’t just about functionality – it also brings a touch of luxury to the space. Built with superior craftsmanship, it adds an element of rustic charm that blends seamlessly with the stylish paver patio.

Enhancing Privacy with Leyland Cypress Trees

Understanding the client’s need for privacy, we installed a row of Leyland Cypress trees along the periphery of the property. These fast-growing evergreen trees form a beautiful, natural screen, offering privacy without compromising the aesthetics of the yard.

The Leyland Cypress trees not only add to the beauty of the space but also contribute to a serene and secluded atmosphere, allowing the homeowners to enjoy their outdoor area in peace and tranquility.

Ready for Memorial Day Weekend

This entire project was executed and completed just in time for Memorial Day Weekend. Our clients can now kick off the summer season in style, enjoying the long weekend outdoors, surrounded by the beauty of their newly transformed yard.

At Primo Landscape Design, we strive to create outdoor spaces that are not just aesthetically pleasing, but also cater to our customers’ specific needs and preferences. This project is a testament to that commitment, reflecting our innovative designs, quality materials, and dedicated service.

If you’re in Stony Point, NY, or the surrounding area and thinking about upgrading your outdoor space, reach out to us at Primo Landscape Design. We’re excited to help you create your dream backyard.

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